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UK General Elections at 4am

It was a spontaneous 4am photo call that went out some hours into the UK General Election on Thursday night. And what a night it was. People around the country were burning the midnight oil as the results trickled in through the night and into the morning.

Thank you to everyone who were awake enough to grab their camera and take a snapshot of this historic occasion!

By Kinky Fantastic - The Times Newspaper newsroom

4am, election night, The Times newsroom

By Kate Day - The Telegraph Newspaper Office

4am UK General Election at The Telegraph Newspaper office by Kate Day

By Dave Harte

General election Birmingham 2010

General election Birmingham 2010

General election Birmingham 2010

General election Birmingham 2010

General election Birmingham 2010

general election birmingham 2010

Liam Byrne

Shabana Mahmood

Deidre Alden and party worker

By Pete Flint Murray

Michelle and Nick

'that' Labour smile

Michelle Donelan

John Healey

By Mike Priddy

Hotel room TV at 04:30

The Prime Minister speeding to London (2010 General Election)

4 moments in Jacqui Smith's life (Ex-Home Secretary)

The moment Jacqui Smith realised...

Glasgow Central Station

By Olympus User

4am UK General Election by Neil Houston

By Ilicco

By Narflet

By Ulleskelf

4am on election morning

By Andy Broomfield

Uncivilised Election

By Rachel Creative

20100506 4am election night

By Emmander


By Ben Whitehouse

4am UK General Election by Ben Whitehouse

By Jaki Booth

4am UK General Elections Night by Jaki Booth

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Karen :)

UK General Elections – are you staying up for the result?

Then take a photo at 4am!

Will you be celebrating or commiserating? Are you getting together with friends? Watching it on tv or tuned in online orĀ into the radio?

Perhaps you will out at an Election event!

Whatever you are doing, capture the moment in history!

Find out how to submit your 4am election photos here

Thanks to @priddy for the suggestion.

Karen :)

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