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Under The Panda Moon

Under The Panda Moon.

By Vectorsnob, Seattle, USA

If you would like to see more of Vectorsnob’s photographs, please visit his flickr photostream.  The guy in the picture is Vectorsnob’s friend Thai.
Do you like black and white photography? Of course, it’s all down to personal  taste. Black and white photos can appear starker and more contrasted than colour pictures.
If you haven’t tried black and white, perhaps it’s something you might like to experiment with for your 4am shots on the 4th April. If you are using a film camera, then black and white film can be used. If you are using a digital camera, check the settings as most probably there will be an option for black & white.
Don’t forget, you can now email your 4am photos. If you don’t have aflickr account or don’t want to sign up for one, just send your photo’s to 4amproject (@) The idea file size is 150kb. Please remember to include the town/city and country and your name in the email.
If you have any comments or questions just drop me an email 4amproject (@), or you can follow the project on Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you.

On Returning

On Returning.

By Cody Cobb, Seattle, USA

If you would like to see more of Cody’ photo’s please visit his photostream on flickr.
Cody doesn’t tell us much about this photo except that it is a flour mill at 4am.
The angle at which the photo was taken makes the building look more imposing. Judging by the length of the weeds on the track it looks like the flour mill has’t been used for some time. 
Cody has called this photo ‘On Returning’. Perhaps he used to work at the mill, or maybe his father did. Whatever Cody’s reason for taking this picture at 4am, I am glad he did.
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