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New 4am Project Date! 4th April 2010

I am so excited to be able to announce the new 4am Project date! 

Put the 4th April in your diary, start charging your camera batteries and join in the global photographic project! 

What’s your view of the world at 4am? 


Toa Payoh, Singapore by Mo Zhuang Ze


This next 4am event will mark  the 4am Project’s 1st birthday! Here’s how it all started……. 

My name’s Karen Strunks, and my curiosity about 4am began in 2008 

I live in Birmingham – the UK’s second largest city – and after a night out, I was driving from one side of the city to the other. It was around 4am and I was really struck by the cityscape. Streets and roads normally teeming with people and traffic were deserted. The city was asleep and it felt like I had it all to myself. I liked it. 

In 2008, I went out to take my first pictures at 4am in Birmingham. I’ve made some of them available on my blog. I’ve been asking readers of my blog for their suggestions of places they’d like to see at 4am. They decide where to go, and I take the photos, so it’s become a collaboration. 

When I started to think about how the idea could be extended, the 4amproject was born. 

I’d like to involve you in this project. What will YOU be doing at 4am on 4th April 2010? 

Put the date in your diary, set your alarm, and take a picture of your world at 4am. 

I’m going to get some friends together and go out and have a 4am party. Why not do the same? Get some of your friends and family involved too. Or simply set the alarm, take a picture, and go back to the land of nod. 

Whatever you’re doing, it’d be great if you could get involved and play a part in building up a big picture of the world at 4am. 

Crabs On Ice – 4am Project, 21 June 2009

Crabs On Ice by Bruce Kerridge, Sydney, Australia


In the last year over 2,000 photographs have been taken by 4am project photographers from over 20 countries! People have blogged about their 4am experience, newspapers and magazines have written about it, there has even been radio and tv coverage


Anyone can take part, all you need is a camera, whether that be an dslr, a camera phone or anything in between! Just sign up for a free flickr account,  and tag your photos ’4amproject’. The  Get Involved page has a few more details which you may find helpful. 

This year I am opening the door to sponsorship, advertising, and will be trying to source some prizes for ’4am-ers’ so the project can grow and reach a wide audience, so if that’s something you are interested in, then please get in touch. 

lonely shooter

Lonely Shooter by Luis Amaral, Portugal


If you have any questions or suggestions, you will find the 4am project on twitter, or you can send me an email, and you can join the 4am Project group on Flickr too. I’d love to hear from you! 

There are a few little blips on the website at the moment, please bear with me whilst I get them fixed. 


Roll on the 4th April! :)

4am Project On The Radio


By Karen Strunks, Birmingham, UK

If you would like to read about my photography and project, please visit my blog.
A few weeks ago I was invited onto the Sunday Social  show on Rhubarb Radio by presenters Mark Steadman and Michael Grimes to talk about the 4am Project.
Thanks for inviting me, guys! I really enjoyed my first radio experience.
Mark had kindly edited the show, and you can now listed to a 5 minute podcast of my interview where I talk about the origins of the 4am Project.
If you can’t see the player, please visit the podcast website.  
Me (Karen Strunks) with presenter Michael Grimes
Presenter Mark Steadman
The BBC have just written a feature about the project. If you would like to take a look, please visit their website.
Thanks to everyone for their support! Only 10 days to go until 4th April. Remember to tell your friends and families! :)
Do you twitter? Join the 4am Project and come and say hello!

4am Project On The Radio – Sunday 1st March





Tune in ONLINE tomorrow – Sunday 1st of March – Rhubarb Radio - from 1pm GMT

Just click the Listen Now button on the top right hand side of the page and listen live!

I’ll be talking about the 4am Project with hosts of Sunday Social show, Mark Steadman and Micheal Grimes.

Hope you will join me!  


Karen Strunks, The 4am Project

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