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Who goes there …… at 4am?

What better way to follow up with the 4am Project’s fabulous news, than by featuring just a few of the fabulous 4am photographers who have taken part in the project during the last year!

Some may call us crazy, but I prefer to think that we are adventurous! ;)

What is 4am like for you?

Will you take a self portrait?

Perhaps it’s a time to be reflective. The quietness of 4am lends itself nicely to that.

4am III

By Fran, United Kingdom

Are you going to get together with some friends and have a shared 4am photograph experience?

Matt, Nick

Nick & Matt by Emma Jones, Birmingham, UK

What will inspire you at 4am?  Try something different, express yourself however you want!

Peace shadow

By Ben Whitehouse, Birmingham UK

4am Project II - Lickey Hills, Birmingham

By Nick Lockey, Lickey Hills, UK

me with laptop L and pc S

By Lymdul, Philippines

Slowlight Cat and the Transparent Man (4amproject)

By Pascal Scheffers, Fokkesteeg, The Netherlands

At 4am familiar scenes look very different. What will you discover?

Join other photographers around the world on the 4th April… 4am & take part in a global picture of the world!

Come & say Hi on twitter :)

Dawn Mass at Dasmarinas Church

Simbang Gabi (Misa De Gallo)

By Storm Crypt, Cavite, Philippines

If you wish to view more of Storm Crypt’s photos, please visit his flickr photostream.

This photo depicts Dawn Mass at Dasmarinas Church, Dasmarinas Town Center, Cavite, Philippines.

One of the reasons I have chosen this photograph is because it was taken with a cell phone, and to show that you don’t need a high end camera, or a camera at all, to take photos. With cell phones, it’s simply point and click, no worrying about settings. If you haven’t got a camera but have a cell phone that takes pictures, you can still get involved in the 4am Project.

Storm says:

“I don’t bring cameras to mass, but I always carry my cellphone — and took this shot shortly before the mass started. I’m getting tired, I did not resize this photo, just uploaded this straight from the phone.

I haven’t seen this church for quite some time now – and at night. I heard mass today on my way to Tagaytay City, and was amazed a bit on how much the church has changed. The people – very much the same for the dawn mass. I think much discipline is needed these days for most teenagers. This is a 4AM mass. Out in the grounds, teenagers gather in groups, saying explicit words, smoking, making noise. I think the catholic church somehow needs to somehow put a stop on this.

But anyway… its just something that perhaps needs to change.”

I must admit to never having heard of mass at 4am before. I wonder if it a regular occurence or just for religious festivals? It seems the mass was spoilt somewhat by rowdy teenagers from what Storm says.  For a mass that starts at 4am, it is very well attended. I wonder how many other 4am pictures where taken that day?!

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