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The 4am Project hits Times Square, New York City!

Yes! You heard it right! The 4am Project is about to hit Manhattan. This is probably the project’s (and my!) biggest goal to date.

I am so delighted to be able to bring the 4am Project to the heart of New York City. 

Times Square will be pumping with energy and will promise some stunning images to early morning photographers who want to capture the exhilarating activity in a 24 hour city.

If you are a New Yorker with an interest in the unusual (and perhaps mild insomnia) come and take part in this  innovative global photography project to record and document the world before dawn.

I’m going to be hosting a special event in the beating heart of Manhattan that is Times Square at 4am on October 17th, and I’m inviting bleary eyed photographers on an exhilarating early morning photography walk to capture images of the city that never sleeps.

I hope you can join me and other New York photographers in this extraordinary photo walk at the ‘crossroads of the world’.

The 4am Project is an exercise in global solidarity to encourage the sharing of visual imagery that reflects the world we live in. This is the Project’s second year,  and word has spread like wildfire, with people picking up their cameras in over 40 countries across the globe including UK, Brazil, Italy, China, Swaziland, Libya, Germany, Laos and the USA.

It’s a worldwide collaborative experience, aiming to capture a time of day that many people rarely see.  At the heart of the 4am project is the aim to bring both photographers and non-photographers together, to create a global community which demonstrates how amazing our surrounding landscapes can be.


Time: 3.45 AM on Sunday 17th October

Meeting Place: Outside the New York Police Station on Times Square

Event ends at 5am, though I suggest it would be a nice opportunity to grab a coffee and meet the 4am Photographers!

Don’t forget your camera!

Tell your friends too!

Looking for the Press Release? You can find it here.

Follow the 4am Project on Twitter. My number whilst in NYC is (001) 646 233 3478

Karen :)

New 4am Project event – 17th October!


Photo by Anita Harris

I’m excited to announce the event for the 4am Project – Set your alarm clock for 4am on 17th October!

Start telling your friends and spreading the word. Get together with other ’4am-ers’ in your town and see what you can capture whilst the rest of the world sleeps.

Since the 4am Project began 18 months ago hundreds of photographers from nearly 40 countries have experienced their world at this often unseen time of day. The global solidarity of the project shows a different view of the world we live in.

Although the blog has been quiet, I haven’t been resting my laurels. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to enable the project to continue to grow.  Thanks to the support and funding from Channel 4 and Screen West Midlands I have been able to take the project forward and have lots of plans to make it sustainable.

I am taking the 4am Project to New York City for this next event and will be organising something fantastic for people to take part in, so watch this space if you are in the area!

So, get ready! Get set! Polish off your lenses and re-charge your batteries! :)


Dancing with myself

Hello Myself, May I Have This Dance?

By Colleen AF Venable, Brooklyn, New York City, USA

You can view more of Colleen’s photos on her flickr photostream.

This is a self portrait of Colleen titled “Hello myself, may I have this dance”. It was taken on a rooftop in Brooklyn, New York City.

What do you see when you look at this picture?

The striking skyline from a very vibrant city? They say New York is a city that never sleeps.

The red polka dot dress stands out. Is it vintage? Did Colleen make it herself?

What about the graffiti? What does it say? Who wrote it?

I see a metaphor. Don’t wait for someone to ask you to dance, when you can dance with yourself.  If there is something you want to do, don’t wait for someone else to suggest it, strike out and do it yourself.

Ask yourself to dance, and say yes!

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