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Forget The Noise

By Martin Koitmäe, Ramsi, Estonia

If you would like to see more of Martin’s photographs, please visit his flickr photostream.
Martin says:
“In time, you forget the noise coming from the highway, barking dogs, billions of mosquitoes trying to eat you alive, that your pants and feet are soaken wet from the dew, it’s cold and you are tired because you haven’t slept for 3 nights…
And when you look at those pictures made then, it seems so quiet and peaceful and so very beautiful that you would like to be there again..”
Very serene.
Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the 4am Project. Get them to join in too! Maybe you could take each others pics, or go for a 4am walk together.
The countdown is really beginning now – 0nly 17 days to go until 4am on 4th April! :)

We’re starting up a brand new day

We're starting up a brand new day

By Phuong Nguyen, Vietnam

If you would like to see more of Phuong’s photographs, please visit her photostream on flickr.

Phuong says:

“At 4.30 am, the locals, who wake up earlier, have to pitch tents for rent. Their new day starts in that way routinely!

I went to the beach at 4am to catch the sunrise, which was obviously my triumph because I hardly get up early! The sunrise was awesome. The breeze was super cool. And after taking photos of the sun, I felt asleep easily. That was one of the best sleeps I ever had! ”

What a bright, fresh,wonderful start to a new day! I wonder how the people setting up their tents feel about it. Perhaps, day in, day out, they just get used to it. Maybe they would think waking up in a big city would be a great and exciting start to the day.

Look how bright the day is. I am going to try and find out sunrise times around the world and blog them. In some country at 4am on4th April the sun will already be up – it will be fantastic to see the contrasts in light around the globe!

…end of the world

...the end of the world

By Steve Anderson, Skane, Sweden

If you wish to view more of Steve’s photo’s please visit his Flickr photostream and his website.

…End Of The World

A very appropriate title for this picture. Can you feel the stillness and the silence?

Not a ripple to be seen on the water. Would you be tempted to find a pebble and disturb the glass-like lake? Would you sit by the waters edge and meditate? Perhaps the diving board would prove too much temptation to you?

With not a soul in sight you could dance, and shout and scream and sing without inhibition!

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