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Bangalore is busy at 4am!

Hrish ‘dhempe’ Thota organised a fantastic 4am Project photo walk in Bangalore, India. 13 photographers left their beds and headed out into the market place for an early morning photo shoot.

Crazy photographers Photograph by Hrish Thota

As you can see from Hrish’s slide show, 4am in the market place is very busy indeed! For these market workers, 4am isn’t an unusual time. They regularly set their alarm clocks and are working hard whilst most of us sleep.

Who will you meet at 4am? Will you have your neighbourhood to yourself? Will you get together with other photographers? Let me know your plans!

Karen :)

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4am Project Photo Walks around the world…


I’m really delighted that there are 4am Project photo walks popping up with people wanting to get together at 4am on 4th April! It’s great because it means the online 4am Project community are also meeting offline and in person too!

I am hoping to get something in place to make this easier for people arrange for future 4am Project dates. First thought is a dedicated page on the website where people can add their towns/cities and photo walk details. Please bear with me on that!

In the meantime is a  list of towns and people that are holding, or want to get together with other 4am folks, along with their contact details. IF YOU WISH TO ADD TO THIS LIST GET IN TOUCH & I WILL UPDATE IT :) Tweet Me or email me


Birmingham - Karen Strunks Night at the Museum blog post & twitter

Wolverhampton – Lee Allen blog post & twitter

Gloucester - Kathryn Ashcroft, blog post, twitter & facebook

Cardiff – Nicky Getgood, twitter & Lee Smith, twitter

Surrey – Robster twitter

Devon/Exeter – Dan Bullock twitter

Staffordshire - Jamie Summerfield twitter  

Cambridge – Deiren Masterson twitter

Barnsley/Rotherham – Pete McFlurry twitter


Dublin – Cain Mac Mahon twitter


Lisbon – Pedro Moura Pinheiro twitter & googlemap of meeting place 


Bangalore -  Anupama Kondayya twitter & Deepak Gupta twitter & tweet invite with lot of details about meet up!

Delhi – Mohak Prince twitter  


Tallahassee – Paula Kiger twitter

Pasadena –  Donna Flores twitter

Raleigh/Durham – Scott twitter

HAWAII – Charlie Boy twitter


Toronto – Derek Shanks twitter

You may have noticed that the 4am Project logo has had a bit of a make over! Big thank you to Steve from Debut Creative graphic design studio for coming up with a great design! Lovely to work with you Steve.

The 4am Project also has a twibbon! Thank you Mark! Add it to your twitter avatar & help spread the word about the 4am Project! Have  a play around with it, you can position it however you would like :)

To celebrate the 4am Project’s first birthday there are some great prizes that have been donated by Nikon, Photocreator and Moo!

Not long now until 4am on the 4th April. Get ready to join other photographers from around the world!

PRESS: You can find a copy of the press release here :)

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