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Meet the first prize winner of Nikon D90

Nandoor from Hungary with his Nikon D90

This is Nandoor from Hungary who is the proud owner of a sparkly new Nikon D90 Camera and lens!

First train in the morning

Nandoor's prize winning photograph - First train in the morning.

Congratulations on your prize Nadoor, and thank you to Nikon!

There were 23 other prize winning photographers too who received prizes from Photocreator and Moo. You can view prize winning photographs here.

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Karen :)

Creatures of the night…

It’s been two weeks since the 4th April! Forgive the lack of blogging – it’s been an unbelievably busy time for the project since the 4th. Things are getting back to normality a bit more now, so let’s pick up on the blog posts again!

It’s been great to see so much envolement and enthusiasm for capturing the magical hour of 4am. Even some animals got in on the act. Where would we be without our specials friends, real or otherwise?!


Guardoggy by Nickey Getgood, Birmingham UK. Nicky says "Guardoggy wasn't home, but he'd left a note on the door."

Bird by Adam Smoot Miami Florida USA
Bird by Adam Smoot Miami Florida USA
Budapest yellow tram&dog-girl 4amproject

Dog & Girl by Abel Tamas, Budapest, Hungary

After The After Party by Photomattmill’s Oklahoma City, USA
Sleepy dogs at 4am, by Friends Of The Stars, Birmingham UK
 Magic Sleeps by Kevin Henson, Brooklyn, NYC, USA. Kevin says “This lil cat had it’s eye’s sewn shut as a baby after living on the street.
Then my friend took her in and I’ve become the official catsitter. It’s 4am in Brooklyn and she’s asleep.” A very sad tale, at least Magic now has a loving home.
 The 4am Stalker by Shona McQuillan, Birmingham UK
More Awake Than Bollo by Catnip, Birmingham, UK
Perhaps we should have an animal at 4am theme sometime! :)
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