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4am Project 14th April 2013

Hi Everyone! :)

Our 4th Birthday has come and gone and we celebrated the only way we know how….with lots of amazing 4am photography!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the groups that gave their sleep to capture the world before dawn.

4am Project at Bullring Birmingham April 2013

Birmingham, UK


4am project - Willenhall

Willenhall, UK



Of course it’s not just groups that go out in the wee small hours, some keen 4am photographers like to go it alone.

Take a look at all the beautiful 4am Photographs taken on 14th April

And not forgetting (get comfortable!) ALL  7,802 photographs taken over the last 4 years from 50 countries!

THANK YOU to everyone who has picked up their camera, taken part, spread the word, set their alarms, lost out on sleep and contributed to the 4am Project over the last 4 years! The project cannot happen without you!

Until next time…..

Karen :)

4am Project online twitter | facebook | flickr

Join photographers around the world on 14th April at 4am for our 4th Birthday global photography event!

Put the date in your diary! Set your alarm clock! Grab your camera! (And your birthday party hat!)


Sunday 14th April 2013 at…….4am!

What is the 4am Project?

The 4am Project is a ground-breaking global photography project that aims to encourage worldwide social collaboration to capture a view of the world at the often unseen time of 4am.

Since it’s launch in April 2009, the project has attracted participants from nearly 50 countries, and there is a digital archive of over 7000 images and is one of the biggest world-wide photography collaborations.

Take a browse of some of the amazing images that 4am Project photographers have captured so far!

Why not flex your photography muscles with other photographers around the world at 4am (in your local time) on Sunday 14th April?

It’s a thought provoking project that inspires and challenges! Experience an often unseen time of the day and be part of a world wide community collaboration!

Who can take part?

Any one at all.  All you need is a camera!

How do I take part?

It’s very easy! Simply upload your 4am Photos to flickr, tag them 4amproject, and geotag them too. You can find some instructions here.

You can submit photos that are taken between 4am-5am, so you have a whole hour to get your shots!

Tell your friends!

Why not get together with your friends for a 4am Project photo walk!

Help spread the word and share the news about the next 4am Project event by embedding this great count down clock on your blog or website!

(Can’t see the clock? You may need to update your flash settings)

You can find out more about the project here and how it started, and the press release it located here. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with Karen Strunks, the creative director of the project by email/twitter/phone.

And you can keep in touch with the 4am Project on twitter! @4amproject

Come on over to our Facebook page

Join our flickr group.

Are you going to organise your own 4am Project walk in your town or city? Let me know and I can give it a shout out, plus feel free to let people know about it on our Facebook page and Flickr Group. There are just a few simple guidelines for organising your 4am Project walk.

Roll on 14th April! Happy 4am photographing! :)

4am Project event – November 2012

For this latest 4am Project event I teamed up with the Lakeside Arts which is part of Nottingham University who are holding an exhibition,  Saturday Night Sunday Morning. Well, that’s just the right time for 4am photographers, so I put a call out to all the 4am Project peeps and asked them to get up and get involved!

The UK weather wasn’t being very photography friendly come the time. In fact, I wondered if anyone would venture outside at all!

I made this little video as the Nottingham 4am walk approached.

I needn’t have worried after all as about 40 4am Photographers showed up for the event! Wow!!

4am Project Photographers in Nottingham November 2012

Some of the water proof 4am Photographers in Nottingham!

The wonderful 4am photographs of Nottingham are coming in over on flickr.

Check out this slideshow of the photos so far!!

Of course it wasn’t just Nottingham photographers who ventured away from the cozy confines of their beds, photographers from all over the world took part; Italy, El Salvador, Belgium, Portugal, UK, USA, and Venezuela to name a few!

Some photographers ventured out on solo expeditions, and some gathered together for photo walks.

Sit back, relax and take a 4am tour of all the wonderful photographs that were taken at this event!

Thank you to all the photographers who took part!

The next 4am Project date will be in April 2013, and of course, if you would like to hire me to organise a 4am Project walk in your town or city, in the UK or further afield, or sponsor the next global event, just get in touch!

Come and say Hi over on our Facebook Page and on Twitter!

The 4am Project hits Times Square, New York City!

Yes! You heard it right! The 4am Project is about to hit Manhattan. This is probably the project’s (and my!) biggest goal to date.

I am so delighted to be able to bring the 4am Project to the heart of New York City. 

Times Square will be pumping with energy and will promise some stunning images to early morning photographers who want to capture the exhilarating activity in a 24 hour city.

If you are a New Yorker with an interest in the unusual (and perhaps mild insomnia) come and take part in this  innovative global photography project to record and document the world before dawn.

I’m going to be hosting a special event in the beating heart of Manhattan that is Times Square at 4am on October 17th, and I’m inviting bleary eyed photographers on an exhilarating early morning photography walk to capture images of the city that never sleeps.

I hope you can join me and other New York photographers in this extraordinary photo walk at the ‘crossroads of the world’.

The 4am Project is an exercise in global solidarity to encourage the sharing of visual imagery that reflects the world we live in. This is the Project’s second year,  and word has spread like wildfire, with people picking up their cameras in over 40 countries across the globe including UK, Brazil, Italy, China, Swaziland, Libya, Germany, Laos and the USA.

It’s a worldwide collaborative experience, aiming to capture a time of day that many people rarely see.  At the heart of the 4am project is the aim to bring both photographers and non-photographers together, to create a global community which demonstrates how amazing our surrounding landscapes can be.


Time: 3.45 AM on Sunday 17th October

Meeting Place: Outside the New York Police Station on Times Square

Event ends at 5am, though I suggest it would be a nice opportunity to grab a coffee and meet the 4am Photographers!

Don’t forget your camera!

Tell your friends too!

Looking for the Press Release? You can find it here.

Follow the 4am Project on Twitter. My number whilst in NYC is (001) 646 233 3478

Karen :)

Bangalore is busy at 4am!

Hrish ‘dhempe’ Thota organised a fantastic 4am Project photo walk in Bangalore, India. 13 photographers left their beds and headed out into the market place for an early morning photo shoot.

Crazy photographers Photograph by Hrish Thota

As you can see from Hrish’s slide show, 4am in the market place is very busy indeed! For these market workers, 4am isn’t an unusual time. They regularly set their alarm clocks and are working hard whilst most of us sleep.

Who will you meet at 4am? Will you have your neighbourhood to yourself? Will you get together with other photographers? Let me know your plans!

Karen :)

Twitter |Facebook |Flickr

UK General Elections at 4am

It was a spontaneous 4am photo call that went out some hours into the UK General Election on Thursday night. And what a night it was. People around the country were burning the midnight oil as the results trickled in through the night and into the morning.

Thank you to everyone who were awake enough to grab their camera and take a snapshot of this historic occasion!

By Kinky Fantastic - The Times Newspaper newsroom

4am, election night, The Times newsroom

By Kate Day - The Telegraph Newspaper Office

4am UK General Election at The Telegraph Newspaper office by Kate Day

By Dave Harte

General election Birmingham 2010

General election Birmingham 2010

General election Birmingham 2010

General election Birmingham 2010

General election Birmingham 2010

general election birmingham 2010

Liam Byrne

Shabana Mahmood

Deidre Alden and party worker

By Pete Flint Murray

Michelle and Nick

'that' Labour smile

Michelle Donelan

John Healey

By Mike Priddy

Hotel room TV at 04:30

The Prime Minister speeding to London (2010 General Election)

4 moments in Jacqui Smith's life (Ex-Home Secretary)

The moment Jacqui Smith realised...

Glasgow Central Station

By Olympus User

4am UK General Election by Neil Houston

By Ilicco

By Narflet

By Ulleskelf

4am on election morning

By Andy Broomfield

Uncivilised Election

By Rachel Creative

20100506 4am election night

By Emmander


By Ben Whitehouse

4am UK General Election by Ben Whitehouse

By Jaki Booth

4am UK General Elections Night by Jaki Booth

Follow the 4am Project on Twitter.

Karen :)

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