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4am Project 14th April 2013

Hi Everyone! :)

Our 4th Birthday has come and gone and we celebrated the only way we know how….with lots of amazing 4am photography!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the groups that gave their sleep to capture the world before dawn.

4am Project at Bullring Birmingham April 2013

Birmingham, UK


4am project - Willenhall

Willenhall, UK



Of course it’s not just groups that go out in the wee small hours, some keen 4am photographers like to go it alone.

Take a look at all the beautiful 4am Photographs taken on 14th April

And not forgetting (get comfortable!) ALL  7,802 photographs taken over the last 4 years from 50 countries!

THANK YOU to everyone who has picked up their camera, taken part, spread the word, set their alarms, lost out on sleep and contributed to the 4am Project over the last 4 years! The project cannot happen without you!

Until next time…..

Karen :)

4am Project online twitter | facebook | flickr

Join photographers around the world on 14th April at 4am for our 4th Birthday global photography event!

Put the date in your diary! Set your alarm clock! Grab your camera! (And your birthday party hat!)


Sunday 14th April 2013 at…….4am!

What is the 4am Project?

The 4am Project is a ground-breaking global photography project that aims to encourage worldwide social collaboration to capture a view of the world at the often unseen time of 4am.

Since it’s launch in April 2009, the project has attracted participants from nearly 50 countries, and there is a digital archive of over 7000 images and is one of the biggest world-wide photography collaborations.

Take a browse of some of the amazing images that 4am Project photographers have captured so far!

Why not flex your photography muscles with other photographers around the world at 4am (in your local time) on Sunday 14th April?

It’s a thought provoking project that inspires and challenges! Experience an often unseen time of the day and be part of a world wide community collaboration!

Who can take part?

Any one at all.  All you need is a camera!

How do I take part?

It’s very easy! Simply upload your 4am Photos to flickr, tag them 4amproject, and geotag them too. You can find some instructions here.

You can submit photos that are taken between 4am-5am, so you have a whole hour to get your shots!

Tell your friends!

Why not get together with your friends for a 4am Project photo walk!

Help spread the word and share the news about the next 4am Project event by embedding this great count down clock on your blog or website!

(Can’t see the clock? You may need to update your flash settings)

You can find out more about the project here and how it started, and the press release it located here. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with Karen Strunks, the creative director of the project by email/twitter/phone.

And you can keep in touch with the 4am Project on twitter! @4amproject

Come on over to our Facebook page

Join our flickr group.

Are you going to organise your own 4am Project walk in your town or city? Let me know and I can give it a shout out, plus feel free to let people know about it on our Facebook page and Flickr Group. There are just a few simple guidelines for organising your 4am Project walk.

Roll on 14th April! Happy 4am photographing! :)

Please vote for the 4am Project to win it’s first award!

The 4am Project has been nominated for an award! BUT it needs YOUR vote to win!

The project has been nominated for an Online Campaign for the Midlands Media Awards which takes place this Thursday.

I would really appreciate your support and your vote so that the project can win an award. I can’t do this without you!

It only take two clicks to vote on this LINK. :)

I’ve made a little video appeal. Hope you like it! Your vote really counts. 

Thank you!

Karen :)

Special Birmingham UK 4am event 24th April!

NEWS JUST IN! Birmingham UK 4am event!

The 4am Project will be hosting a special 4am event this Saturday 24th April (at 4am!) on behalf of the Birmingham City of Culture bid!

The event will take place at Birmingham Museum Collections Centre. This is a rare opportunity to photograph the wealth of archived articals and artifacts that are not on show to the public at the Birmingham Museum. From classic motor vehicals, to stuffed animals and interesting curiosities! It’s a huge place, with plenty to see and photograph. The Museums Collection centre usually only lets the public in 2 or 3 times a year, and have been kind enough to open it’s doors to the 4am Project this Saturday!

From the Birmingham Museum Collections Centre website:

The 1.5 hectare site, close to Duddeston Station, holds hundreds of thousands of objects. Among the collections are steam engines, sculptures, an entire collection of Austin, Rover and MG motor cars, a red phone box and even a Sinclair C5

THERE ARE ONLY 30 TICKETS AVAILABLE on this occasion. Get your tickets now, first come, first served, and don’t forget to set your alarm clocks!

NOTE: Please upload your photographs to flickr and tag them 4amproject and for this occasion, please also use the tag bmag as the City Of Culture bid team would like to showcase some of the photos from the event. For more instructions about flickr and tagging, please visit the 4am Project website.

There is a car park on the site, but please be on time as the car park will close and be locked for the duration of the event.

Please visit Eventbrite to register for you free ticket!

I hope you can come along, experience the 4am Project and meet other photographers! :)

Follow the 4am Project on twitter!

Karen :)

4am Project photo walks – Birmingham UK

Can you believe it was this time last week when we were all getting ready to take photographs of our world at 4am?! Time sure does fly by!

What was fantastic this year was that even more photographers wanted to get together and meet up with other people in their areas and take part in a 4am photo walk! I did my best to try and help orchestrate that and put people in touch with eachother, but I’m hoping to have a dedicated page put on the website so people can add their towns/cities and add their names, which I think will really help everyone to get in touch with eachother for next time.

I am going to blog about those walks, and first up is the 4am photo walk that I organised in my home city of Birmingham, UK.

Birmingham is actually one of the finalists for the UK’s City Of Culture 2013 along side Derry/Londonderry, Norwich and Sheffield. Thanks go out to Birmingham City Of Culture bid team for helping to organise the opening of Birmingham’s Museum and Art Gallery.

It was quite a chilly morning but 23 hardly photographers turned up in time for 4am armed with their cameras and tripods.

 The first (and third) videos were made by the City Of Culture team & it was a video that went out to announce the ‘Night At The Museum’ The 2nd video is one I made and I asked participants how they had heard about the 4am Project and if they enjoyed themselves!

Sit back, relax and take a few minutes to watch all the beautiful images of 4am in Birmingham.

Thank you to everyone who supported the project and came out to take part in the Birmingham event! :)

Say hello on twitter! Email:

4ip and Screen West Midlands invest in the 4am Project!


By Karen Strunks, Birmingham UK

It’s been an exciting week, and I am delighted to be able to announce that 4ip and Screen West Midlands are supporting the 4am Project!

4ip is part of Channel 4 which helps to support and invest in digital media enterprises, and Screen West Midlands offers support, advice and funding for film, television and digital media.

4ip and Screen West Midlands investment and business support is a great boost for the 4am Project which will soon entering it’s second year! (My, how time flies!)

4iphave made an annoucement on their blog:

To the question that we always address when we announce a new investment, why 4iP? For me the 4am Project is a collaborative project that takes art to the mainstream; everyone has a camera, whether you’re passionate about your darkroom, or snapping something on a mobile phone, we are now able to capture every minutiae of our busy lives and share them with the wider world. The element of the 4am Project that really works for me is its focus. What do people see at a particular time on a particular day? At its core this is a project that is about collaboration, participation and discoverability. It’s also an example of an existing site that fits with our criteria beautifully. In order to continue to grow and capitalise on the success that it’s already achieved, the 4am Project needed both financial and business support. Through an initial project investment we’re able to help take Karen and her project to the next stage and a wider audience.

I wrote over on my personal blog:

Along with the support from 4ip and ScreenWM, the outcome and ideas generated at the Crossover Lab course I attended recently and my own plans, it’s going to be a very busy and creative year!

I’ve got stuck in already and my days are whizzing past with uber productivity. This productivity is taking the form of lots of; phone calls, emails, meetings, tweeting, blogging, phone calls & emails. I’m enjoying meeting new people, whether that be online or in person. Connecting with people who love the idea of the 4am Project and want to help support it and people  who have their own projects & dreams that they are working on which creates inspiration.

Last April I made a video (well, three videos actually!) about how the 4am Project started, how I spread the word, the help I received and problems encountered (and overcome!).


On the 4th Arpil 2010 the 4am Project will be celebrating it’s first birthday! Why not try something different, join other photographers from around the globe and take a photograph of your world at 4am! Get your friends involved, go on a 4am photo walk, explore your neighbourhood at an often unseen time!

If you would like to support the project by sponsorship, donating prizes for participants or you would like to contribute an idea, it would be great to hear from you. Drop me a line or get in touch on twitter.

I’ll end with a BIG thank you to 4ip and Screen West Midlands for their support!

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