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Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Andros Island The Bahamas- 4am

By William Dalton, Andros Island The Bahamas

If you would like to see more of William’s photos please visit his flickr photostream.
William says:
“Seconds after I took this pic a 5 foot lemon shark passed just under this Yellow-crowned night heron!”
We don’t often think about the life that goes on around us at 4am, especially the wildlife that only comes out at night to forrage.
In the last few months when I have been awake at 4am I have spotted a couple of foxes. One was hurrying along the city centre streets, and the other was outside my house. It was lying on the pavement under my bedroom window. At first I thought it may have been injured as it’s so unusual to see a fox at rest. I was as quiet as I could be, not wanting to scare or disturb it. I slowly, very slowly, reached for my camera and pulled back the curtains very gently – but I wasn’t quiet enough. The fox suddenly looked up at me and made a dash into the undergrowth. Even though I didn’t get a picture, it was a wonderful experience to be able to ‘spy’ on the fox even just for a little while. I wonder how successful a 4am fox watch would be?
If you haven’t got a flickr account, and don’t want to open one, you can now email your 4am pictures taken on 4th April into the 4am Project. Please remember to include your name, and the town/city and country where your photo was submitted. Please send files no bigger than 150KB. The email address is: 4amproject(@) :)

Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl ~ Gray Morph

Eastern Screech Owl, by Bill Dalton, Allenhurst, New Jersey, USA

To view more of Bill’s photographs, please visit his flickr photostream, or his website.
Bill says:
“The Lenape Indians (Native American) believed that if they dreamt of an Owl it would become their guardian.

I’ve had Screech Owls around my backyard owl box for at least a week. One’s a red morph and this one, a gray morph. I finally got a decent shot of this one by calling him in with an electronic call. This morning at 4am, it landed on my graden cucumber trellis which consists of an old wooden deck umbrella; canvas top removed and turned upside-down!”

What a beautiful creature, with such stunning amber eyes. I love how he is staring straight into the lens, almost confronting Bill and asking “What are you doing on my patch?”
I hope to dream of an owl tonight and have a special guardian.
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