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Sunrise In Mozambique

Nascer do Sol as 4 da manhã - "Sunrise at 4am" Maragogi Salines

By Lê Devegili, Nascer Do Sol, Mozambique

If you would like to see more of Le Devegili’s photos please visit his flickr photostream.
Somewhere in the world on 4th April at 4am the sun will be rising. The birds will be singing their morning song, and a brand new day will begin.
Just a few things to remember when submitting your photos of 4am…….
Please do not hide the properties of your photographs. Hidden properties mean I can not verify that the images were taken in the hour of 4am, 04:00-04:59 on the 4th April in your local time. Please embrace the spirit of the 4am project.
When submitting your photos via flickr, please put your name and location in the TITLE of the picture so that people can see straight away in what part of the world you picture was taken.
If you emaill your image to me, please include your name and location. I will then upload your photo to the 4am Project’s flickr account. Pictures can be sent to:
If there is a story behind the picture it would be great if you could write a little bit to go along with the image. You don’t have to though, but it would be nice.
I think that’s it for now! If I think of anything else I’ll blog about it tomorrow.
If you have any questions please email me or contact me on twitter. :)

A Little Pink

A little pink

By Mitch Lahey, Kings Beach, Caloundra, Australia

If you would like to see more of Mitch’s photos, please visit his photostream on flickr.
Mitch says:
“First time doing a sunrise shoot over a beach, so I was on holidays last week and for four days I woke up at 4am to catch the ‘before sunrise, and sunrise’. Before sunrise sometimes you get a pink horizon as in this picture and to create the mist effect with the water I needed to use a long exposure, thus using a polarize filter to get lower light.”
I went out recently on a 4am shoot.  It was a particularly foggy morning which was quite a challenge! If you would like to see the pictures and see a video, please visit my blog.
Not long to go now until 4th April! :)

Paquetá At Dawn

Madrugada em Paquetá [Paquetá 4am]

By Jim Skea, José Bonifácio Beach, Paquetá Island, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you would like to view more of Jim’s photographs, please visit his flick photostream.
Jim says:
“4am in José Bonifácio Beach, Paquetá Island. The burnt gases from the REDUC refinery form clouds in the background.”
I was curious about Paqueta Island and did a little research. I found out from Wikipedia that Paquetá Island  is an island in Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro. The name of the island is a Tupi word meaning “many shells”, a reference to the plentiful shells on the island’s beaches. The island is an auto-free zone, so travel is limited to bicycles and horse-drawn carriages. Paquetá has twenty baobabs, a type of African tree – the only ones in Brazil beside the Baobà in Passeio Público in Fortaleza. One of them is called “Maria Gorda” (Fat Maria), which residents kiss for luck.
Apart from the eyesore of the REDUC refinery, it sounds like my idea of an idyllic island. I would love to enjoy a stay there. I imagine the island is quite peaceful, with the ban of cars. Living in the UK’s second largest city, Birmingham, means that it is very rare not to hear the sound of a car, lorry, taxi, bus or the sirens of an emergency vehicle.
I wonder if the trees in the photo are two of the twenty baobabs trees on the island? How lovely the islanders have named one of the trees Fat Maria and kiss it for luck!
I hope the selection of photos is inspiring you for your4am picture on the 4th April :)

We’re starting up a brand new day

We're starting up a brand new day

By Phuong Nguyen, Vietnam

If you would like to see more of Phuong’s photographs, please visit her photostream on flickr.

Phuong says:

“At 4.30 am, the locals, who wake up earlier, have to pitch tents for rent. Their new day starts in that way routinely!

I went to the beach at 4am to catch the sunrise, which was obviously my triumph because I hardly get up early! The sunrise was awesome. The breeze was super cool. And after taking photos of the sun, I felt asleep easily. That was one of the best sleeps I ever had! ”

What a bright, fresh,wonderful start to a new day! I wonder how the people setting up their tents feel about it. Perhaps, day in, day out, they just get used to it. Maybe they would think waking up in a big city would be a great and exciting start to the day.

Look how bright the day is. I am going to try and find out sunrise times around the world and blog them. In some country at 4am on4th April the sun will already be up – it will be fantastic to see the contrasts in light around the globe!

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