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I’m Karen Strunks, I’m a professional photographer, work in community building and social media, run the 4am Project, and a social media event, and blog about my life and work. I keep my passions for photography, social media and community building aligned with my work. I believe that today’s and tomorrow’s social media can help better connect people, by enhancing communication, advocate sharing, facilitate learning, develop empathy and aid creativity. Oh, and I love New York City!

The Bigger Bio

In recent years Karen has immersed herself in her photography business and social media, bringing ideas to fruition in the online arena.

Her skill for photography and knowledge of social media is behind Karen’s success at building an online and offline community of photographers at the 4am Project. She is dedicated to engaging people, bringing online ideas to life and creating offline participatory events. By embracing new media she has connected people from all over the world.

The 4am Project has attracted over 7,000 submissions from photographers in over 50 countries – grown from her own business plan, including PR and marketing drive using local, national and international channels and as a result it has become one of the largest photography collaborations in the world.

Her passion for new and innovative digital ideas has made her a key figure in Birmingham’s social media community. As such, she hosts and facilitates one of the UK’s premier social media events, and she is regularly interviewed and invited to speak at conferences in the digital and photography arena about how she uses social media to build communities on and offline.

Karen’s work has attracted the attention of the press, receiving coverage in national and international newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, and travel and photography publications such as the BBC (TV and radio), The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, and the British Journal of Photography.

With a sparkling track record in successful online community engagement and a proven ability to work with companies to boost their social media impact, Karen has worked with brands such as Water Aid, Four Seasons, BMI, Belfast and Prague Tourist boards, bmi baby to name a few

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