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Bangalore is busy at 4am!

Hrish ‘dhempe’ Thota organised a fantastic 4am Project photo walk in Bangalore, India. 13 photographers left their beds and headed out into the market place for an early morning photo shoot.

Crazy photographers Photograph by Hrish Thota

As you can see from Hrish’s slide show, 4am in the market place is very busy indeed! For these market workers, 4am isn’t an unusual time. They regularly set their alarm clocks and are working hard whilst most of us sleep.

Who will you meet at 4am? Will you have your neighbourhood to yourself? Will you get together with other photographers? Let me know your plans!

Karen :)

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4am Photo walks. Get together with friends!

Photographer Lee Allen from Wolverhampton got together with friends and organised his own 4am Project photo walk for the last 4am date in April. Check out his amazing video!


Watch embedded video here.

As you can see, they had the city streets to themselves. How often do we get to experience that?!

Meet the 4am Project Crew: David, David, Adrienne, Lee, Steph & Dale. Thanks for taking part guys and girls!

4am Project // 04.04.10 // Wolverhampton

And here is Lee’s photographs from the night……Great shots!

Why not get together with friends as well on 17th October? Make it a social occasion!

Karen :)

Don’t forget to set your alarm for 4am!

my memos to get up!

 Photograph by Natalie Eccleshall

Make a note! Put the date in your diary! Set your alarm clocks!

The next global 4am Project date is just around the corner. Join other photographers from around the world on 17th October and take part in buiding a global picture 4am.

If you are new to the project you may be wondering WHO gets up at 4am to take photographs!

There are as many reasons that people take part as there are participants….

From those that like a challenge, to those that want to relish some solitude. From those that love being part of a world wide community collaboration  to those that wish to improve on their photography skills. The 4am Project inspires people to take a look at familiar surrounding at a different time of day and to capture what they see.

Check out what tweeters have been saying about the project!

Keep up to date with inspiring 4am photos from around the world, and all the 4am Project news by subscribing to the RSS feed, following on twitter and facebook and you can join the 4am Project flickr group too!  

The Night Shift at 4am

How much thought do we give to the world around us during the wee small hours?

As most of us slumber there are other who are working the night shift, or the graveyard shift as some call it.

Industry doesn’t stop because of darkness. It grinds on regardless.

These wonderful factory photographs from Peter Strunks in Hembrug, North Holland, depict another world at 4am. With shift workers awake during the night and sleeping through the daylight, it really is another world.



Me in the control room


An industrial rooftop view of Zaandam

Remember to put 17th October in your diary for the next global 4am Project date! :)


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