4am Project prize winners! Which is your favourite?

Wow…! All your wonderful 4am Project photos made selecting just 24 very hard! I’ve been viewing, deliberating and agonizing all week. I hope you like my final choices :)

And now it’s over to you!

Which is your favourite 4am photograph?

There are 24 photos and 24 prizes, so every photographer will win a prize.

Here is what is on offer:

1st Prize: from Nikon D90 Camera with 18-105mm lens (worth £1029.99)

2nd Prize: 30″ x 36″ photo canvas

3rd Prize: 50 page 30cm x 30cm photo book

4th Prize: 24″ x10″ photo canvas (2nd, 3rd, 4th prizes from Photocreator)

5th through to 24th Prizes: Packet of 20 postcard for you to put your images on from Moo

Big thank you to Nikon, Photocreator and Moo for the prizes!

Pop over to this page to see more details and pictures of the prizes.

SO! What do you have to do now?

Have a look at all the great 4am images below, chose your favourite and give it your vote!

Voting will be open until Midnight (Greenwich Mean Time)  on Monday 19th April. The photograph with the most votes at the end of the voting period will win first prize, and so forth.

You can only vote once from your computer, this is to avoid multiple votes from the same computer. However, you can of course rally round support from your friends and family and all your friends on flickr, twitter, facebook etc! :)

Thanks again to everybody who has ventured out to photography their world at 4am. I wish I had enough prizes for everybody!

Photo 2 by Fran, Birmingham UK


Photo 3 By Rene Segura, Santa Maria, USA

4am project

Photo 4 By Creepeh Sue, Hongdae, South Korea

Photo 5 By Gaurav Patel, London, UK

Photo 6 by Dale Shephard, Wolverhampton, UK

4:04 Study 1

Photo 7 By Derek Shanks, Toronto, Canada

Boudin Baker: Scoring

Photo 8 By Jeanne Brophy, San Francisco, USA

4am Dubai by Jean Marie Jenanji

Phot 9 by Jean Marie Jenanji, Dubai, UAE

First train in the morning

Photo 10 By Nandor Hargita, Budapest

I always end up thinking of you

Photo 11 By Cerealboxstar, Manila, Philippines

most beautiful

Photo 12 By Luis Amaral, Lisbon, Portugal

4am - 04:00:39

Photo 13 By Andrew Stuart, Llandudno, Wales


Photo 15 By Egneg, Birmingham UK

4am Portrait (04:29)

Photo 16 By Andy Toots, Warwickshire, UK

Photo 17 By Steve Anderson, Sweden

Photo 18 By Strawbleu, Leeds, UK

Photo 19 By Miki Ballard, Fairview, USA

Photo 20 By Kat De'Vries, San Diego, USA

Photo 21 By Yashwanth Madhusudan, Bangalore, India

Photo 22 By Adrian Burrows, Frankley Beeches, UK

Photo 23 By Vladimir Morozov, Birmingham, UK


Photo 24 by hanung665, Jakarta, Indonesia

Enjoy the photos & happy voting!

Karen :)

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  1. Sas Taylor says:

    Congratulations to all and good luck!

    Don’t envy you, Karen, had trouble just voting for one! Can I have another vote please!? ;D

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  4. Jim Panttaja says:

    Celebrating those you make the essentials for us when we get up several hours later..

  5. ak says:

    great job Matty!

  6. rose zammit says:

    time to make the donuts

  7. Andrew Higgins says:

    Such a high standard of photos! Choosing a fave was very tricky. Well done early birds!

  8. dfg says:

    Sorry but 14 is no way the best. It makes me think this competition is literally just who has the most friends.

    Just to be clear, I don’t have a photo here or even a friend who does. I have no bias whatsoever, I just don’t believe that 1 can genuinely be the best. It’s just boring.

  9. [...] – quite unexpected, I assure you – that my photo has been selected as one of the 24 finalists. Given that over 1,500 photos were submitted to the project after this latest 4am event, I’m [...]

  10. Lawrence Jones says:

    I vote for #2

  11. Margaret Jenkins says:

    I accidently voted for 14 instead of 13 so if you could change my vote it would be much appreciated.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I like 13 too, and 12, 6, 3, 5 15, and 24

  13. Mike Lane says:

    Can’t believe that 14 is the best. I also hope this is only open to amateurs & not professionals

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  15. egneg says:

    I voted for my own, obviously (no.15), i did manage to get that right!

    But for me, there are 3 that stand out over the others, I really like 3, 6 and 16.

  16. vik says:

    C’mon people, ask yourself which of these pictures has the most life in it. Methinks it is 21.

  17. Teacher Evan says:

    For me, photo no. 11 is fabulous! Good start!!!

  18. Hi Margaret, I’m very sorry, but I cannot change the votes once they have been made.

  19. Hi Mike, The 4am Project is open to anyone who wants to join in. It doesn’t exclude anyone.

  20. Angeline says:

    I have voted for 11, very Pleasant Photograph..
    very best clear comment found on that Photograph..
    All the best

  21. Some great photos. Surprised photo 6 isn’t more popular, great photo. Good luck everyone! :)

  22. Yusuf says:

    Nice pictures. However, imho Photo 9 seems like out of place. The idea was to capture life at 4am and not object at 4am.

  23. amy says:

    Number 14 please.

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  25. JRodrigues says:

    Number 12

  26. Kyoko says:

    I vote 21.
    The movemint of 4pm captured very interestingly…. I think. Clever way of using shutter speed!!

  27. Kyoko says:

    oops!! I meant “4am” !!

  28. amy says:

    Number 14 gets my vote!

  29. Yelena says:

    all photos are very good i vote for #14

  30. Auntie JaMa says:

    #14 is a member of a large online photographers club. Watch out, all his friends are stuffing the ballot box for him.

  31. Jess says:

    I love, love, love number 14! I am a writer and often look at photos to inspire mood, and I find this one quite inspiring. Great stuff!

  32. jam says:

    @ dfg. IMHO It is kind of a popularity contest because I have learned you can submit a vote more than once. The finalists seem to have been chosen carefully. But after that, It’s basically about who’s awake at the right time in the world, and who’s willing to spend all day hitting the same button. Sorry, Karen, otherwise I love the project and the idea:)

  33. Jill says:

    I’d like to vote for number 8.

  34. rehla says:

    I vote for photo 11 ! :)

  35. 240sx says:

    14 looks good for sure. way better than 10, 10 is barely in focus.

  36. Jyothi says:

    Photo 21 is my choice

  37. Big John Stud says:

    #14 Forever!
    Go Matt Go!

    Enjoyed the Photos and the Project. Well Done!

    Big John Stud
    Matt Allen’s Ballot Stuffing Photography Club

  38. Kapil says:

    Gr8 photos……

  39. brandy says:

    not sure exactly how to vote… but if this is the place, then i vote for #14. And this is not because of what Auntie JaMa wrote above. I’m not a part of any photographers club.

  40. I vote for # 14 !!!!

  41. steve nicholls says:

    just voted for no.4, but I think I’m the only one who has! Great shot, very 4am!

  42. Auntie Jama says:

    Big John Stud says:

    #14 Forever!
    Go Matt Go!

    Enjoyed the Photos and the Project. Well Done!

    Big John Stud
    Matt Allen’s Ballot Stuffing Photography Club


    In the interests of “let’s play nice”, here is something to defend in the name of “just play nice”:


    (user) says:
    Hey Matt,

    I voted 6 more times here at work on 6 more computers, and this is really an uphill battle; your percentage actually went down! Argh!


    How is that “just playing nice” Big John Stud?

  43. Auntie Jama says:

    Oh, and Big John Stud, care to defend what the contestant himself had to say here:

    mattallen says:

    I have a feeling that #10 is using some sort of auto-voter.

    I know that sounds like sour grapes coming from a 2nd place loser, but I just can’t fathom how I am losing ground on this guy with all the promoting I am doing!

    ah well, I have to listen to what my wife said and realize that it’s still pretty sweet to have been selected as one of 24 out of nearly 1500 photos.

    ….but still, that camera sure would’ve been nice!
    Posted at 1:17 pm, April 19 2010 EST – Report this post

  44. I thougt the girl with the cat was beautifully taken and poised.

  45. Liz says:

    Terrific selection of terrific photos, Karen. Many congratulations on this achievement. Love how it’s getting people out taking photos :)

  46. matt says:

    Hey guys, I’m the one with the donut shot.

    Sorry for causing such controversy with the voting.

    It is very flattering to have Auntie JaMa follow my every move, but in the rules Karen clearly spelled out how to gather votes:

    “You can only vote once from your computer, this is to avoid multiple votes from the same computer. However, you can of course rally round support from your friends and family and all your friends on flickr, twitter, facebook etc! :)

    So I’m sorry if I reached out to some friends, I was just doing what I thought was OK

  47. PhotoGrunt says:

    Hello All,

    As the “ballot stuffer” for Matt refered to above, I have to ask, “Auntie JaMa, are you new here?”

    Anyone who’s spent anytime at all on the internet must realize by now that whenever you run any sort of contest, poll or whatever on the internet where voting is the deciding factor, unless you totally lock it down with a massive security back-end, you’re going to have folks voting multiple times, as long as they have access to multiple computers. Whoever set this contest up (“Karen”?) realized this fact as evidenced by the statement at the top of the page.

    When I look at all the photo entries, then look at the vote tallies, one thing is immediately clear: the voting in no way acurately reflects the measure of photographic excellence of the final entries. If it did, the votes would be spead out relatively evenly instead of the peaks and valleys seen on the vote bar graph. If I were voting purely on merit, I may or may not have voted as I did. But the thing is, my vote was based on social networking concerns over all else. And, from the looks of the graph, I have a lot of company.

    So, there you have it. Nobody “cheated”. All votes were fairly cast within the parameters of the “contest” as it was set up. If you’re looking for an unbiased result, the only thing I can think of would be to have a judged competition with multiple judges. However, since everyone brings their own biases with them, even judges, I have four words for you, “Good luck with that.”

    I bid you peace.

  48. egneg says:

    its ok Matt, I did the same thing on Friday night (you probably noticed I was on 23% at one point, lol).
    And as you said, it was stated in the rules that it was ok to do it. So, whoever wins the camera, congratulations.

  49. Hi Everyone,

    Sorry to read there is some disgruntledness about who is in the lead.

    This is my first time running a competition and I have gone to great lengths to make it as fair as possible for everyone involved, including the poll I have selected to use.

    All the 24 finalists that I have selected will win a prize.

    If you would like some background on the prizes, and how I selected the photographs you may wish to read my post on my personal blog. I mention how I am learning at lot as I go along & how wanted to be able to offer something back to 4am Project participants : http://www.karenstrunks.com/blog/vote-for-your-favourite-4am-photo/

    Remember, you are voting for your favourite photo, not necessarily the best composed or technically correct photograph.

    The 4am Project is a fun project to take part in, and I hope to keep it that way.

    And again, thank you to everyone who has taken part in the project, and who has supported it. It is, as always, much apprecited.

    Karen :)

  50. PhotoGrunt says:

    Karen, putting something like this together can’t be easy, and from the finalists you ended up with, out of I don’t know how many entered…I’m guessing it must’ve been a very large number, I think you’ve done a grand job!
    Personally, I can’t think of a way the winner could’ve been determined online and with any amount of transparency without there being a bit of disgruntlement from somewhere. Even if you displayed all the entries in a public place and had the winner decided by votes from the public at large, there would still be someone that would call the impartiality of the contest into question.
    Great contest, great concept, and congratulations to all the finalists!

  51. Sal Olivas says:


    Thank you again for putting on the contest and, more importantly, getting people motivated to go out and shoot at a time when we’re probably in bed. The world has a very different look at 4 am and I thank you for challenging us to see it.

    I see the comments have disappeared but I guess some people will use any platform to set up their soapbox. I am a believer in people having a right to their opinion but they start to look ridiculous when they proclaim “I don’t get it” and but can’t believe that others may get it.

    I wish I had more votes because choosing one would be tough. Some look like beautiful post cards and some truly captured the spirit of 4 am.

    As I emailed you before, participation was a great experience for me and I look forward to doing it again.


  52. Nandor says:

    Thank you everyone, who votes, especially, who voted for me.

    #14 mentioned that i may used some auto-voting cheat – but thats not the case.
    Karens message that my “first train in the morning” photo is a finalist here at 4amproject hit me out of the blue. I started writing messages and status updates on facebook, twitter and on my blog, and all of my friends (and friends of friends) shared and retweeted my message “vote for me please, i’m #10″. Facebook is so powerful, that it ended up as a successful campaign.

    Karen, 4amproject is a great thing, i loved to take part on it, next year i will arrange a photowalk here in Budapest, because you should see this wonderful citys downtown too – and not only some passanger train in the suburbs.

  53. Thank you for you comments :)

    Previous comments seemed to have disappeared. I am not sure how or why this has happened, and I am trying to find out how to restore them.

    I’m going to try and get a blog post done today, or tomorrow at the latest, announcing the winners (well, all the photographers win a prize!) and the poll results.

    It was very hard to pick just 24 photos out of 1500 :) I blogged about the process over on my personal blog http://www.karenstrunks.com/blog/vote-for-your-favourite-4am-photo/

    Thanks again to everyone who has taken part and explored the world at 4am! Watch this space for the next 4am Project date! Hope you can all take part.

    Karen :)

  54. Nandor says:

    (off) karen, exactly 50 comments are gone, you may have comment paging enabled somewhere :) (on)

  55. Andi says:

    I hope Nandi won:)

  56. matt says:

    Nandor – I regret accusing you of cheating, those were just the words of a guy losing ground to your photo. I apologize if I offended you.

    I also regret someone taking my comments from a totally different site and putting them here. Not really sure why they felt the need to do that, but it just goes to show that nothing is really private on the internet.

    If anyone is interested, you can use this link to see the previous 50 comments:


    I think the comments section is just missing the navigation controls to go between pages, and that there is a cutoff at 50 posts per page.

  57. Nandor says:

    matt, its ok, now, i can see all the comments, and i understand, that it wasnt you – so everything is OK.

  58. Gigi says:

    I’m dying to know…who won first prize?

  59. Nick lockey says:

    All I know is that because of the 4am project hundreds of people went out and got creative, thousands more got to see some awesome and inspirational photos and we all got to see a new and intruiguing side to our world. Epic wins all round I think. Loved all the finalists and want to say a big hearfelt thanks to Karen for pulling off another fantastic 4am project.

  60. Hi Gigi,

    I’ll be blogging about the winners over the next few days :)

  61. Karen E G S says:

    I love #2 the girl and cat on the bed

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