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The early bird catches the prize!

Hello everyone!

I am super excited to be able to announce that I have some prizes for 4am Project participants on 4th April! This fits in nicely with the 4am Project’s 1st birthday too!

So, here is what is on offer! 

FIRST PRIZE: Nikon D90 DSLR with 18-105mm lens (worth £1029.99)

12.3 mega pixels

ISO 200-3200

3″ monitor

4.5 frames per second continuous shooting     

 Movie capture

More details can be found on the Nikon website.

2ND, 3RD & 4TH PRIZES from Photocreator

  36″ X 30″ Photo Canvas

 50 page 30cm x 30cm Photo Book

 24″ x 10″ Photo Canvas



 Pack of 20 postcards of your images!

All great prizes for creating and showing off your fab photographs! Thank you Nikon, Photocreator & Moo!

As with every competition, there are some rules – boo! ;) So here are the Ruley bits – I’ll keep it short and sweet.





  • Photographs must be taken on 4th April 2010 between the hours of 4am-5am & be tagged ’4amproject’ on flickr.  You can find information on how to submit your photographs here.
  • Please upload your 4am photos by Sunday 11th April if you wish to be entered into the competition.
  • To keep things as simple as possible, I (Karen Strunks) will be selecting the 24 photographs I like the best. Take a picture of whatever inspires you, there are no rules in that respect. My decision is final.
  • I will put the selected 24 photographs on the 4am project blog after the 11th of April and invite people to vote for their favourite image. Which ever photograph has the most votes, will win first prize and so forth.
  • If you really do not want to take part in the competition let me know. You can drop me an email hello@4amproject, or tweet me @4amproject & I will exclude your images from the competition.
  • You will be given online codes to collect prizes from &  
  • Copyright in all images submitted for this competition remains with the respective entrants. The 4am project will only use the winning images for promotion in connection to this competition for a period of no longer than five years. Where an image is used, the photographer will be credited.
  • The first prize is one D90 + 18-105mm VR Kit (model subject to availability). No cash alternative to the prize will be offered and the prize is not transferable.
  • The promoter’s decision is final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into. Entry implies acceptance of these rules.
  • There will be one winner of the Nikon camera who will be notified by telephone or email within 28 days of the closing date. Delivery of prize to be arranged after this notification.
  • Nikon UK reserves the right to substitute the prize to an equal or greater value should circumstances make this necessary.
  • This draw is being operated from the UK and is governed by English Law
  • The promoter is 4am Project, the prize provider of the camera is Nikon UK Ltd
  • Please bear with me! This is my first time running a competition. I promise to do my best to make it all run smoothly :)


Whether you would like to win a prize or not, have fun exploring your surroundings at 4am! Everything that is so familiar during day time hours looks so different at 4am.

If you are organising a 4am photo walk, let me know & I can send a tweet out to see if there are other people in the area that would like to join you! If you have any questions, get in touch.

Let’s make the 4am Project’s 1st birthday a great one!

Say hello! 

Tweet me! @4amproject

Who goes there …… at 4am?

What better way to follow up with the 4am Project’s fabulous news, than by featuring just a few of the fabulous 4am photographers who have taken part in the project during the last year!

Some may call us crazy, but I prefer to think that we are adventurous! ;)

What is 4am like for you?

Will you take a self portrait?

Perhaps it’s a time to be reflective. The quietness of 4am lends itself nicely to that.

4am III

By Fran, United Kingdom

Are you going to get together with some friends and have a shared 4am photograph experience?

Matt, Nick

Nick & Matt by Emma Jones, Birmingham, UK

What will inspire you at 4am?  Try something different, express yourself however you want!

Peace shadow

By Ben Whitehouse, Birmingham UK

4am Project II - Lickey Hills, Birmingham

By Nick Lockey, Lickey Hills, UK

me with laptop L and pc S

By Lymdul, Philippines

Slowlight Cat and the Transparent Man (4amproject)

By Pascal Scheffers, Fokkesteeg, The Netherlands

At 4am familiar scenes look very different. What will you discover?

Join other photographers around the world on the 4th April… 4am & take part in a global picture of the world!

Come & say Hi on twitter :)

4ip and Screen West Midlands invest in the 4am Project!


By Karen Strunks, Birmingham UK

It’s been an exciting week, and I am delighted to be able to announce that 4ip and Screen West Midlands are supporting the 4am Project!

4ip is part of Channel 4 which helps to support and invest in digital media enterprises, and Screen West Midlands offers support, advice and funding for film, television and digital media.

4ip and Screen West Midlands investment and business support is a great boost for the 4am Project which will soon entering it’s second year! (My, how time flies!)

4iphave made an annoucement on their blog:

To the question that we always address when we announce a new investment, why 4iP? For me the 4am Project is a collaborative project that takes art to the mainstream; everyone has a camera, whether you’re passionate about your darkroom, or snapping something on a mobile phone, we are now able to capture every minutiae of our busy lives and share them with the wider world. The element of the 4am Project that really works for me is its focus. What do people see at a particular time on a particular day? At its core this is a project that is about collaboration, participation and discoverability. It’s also an example of an existing site that fits with our criteria beautifully. In order to continue to grow and capitalise on the success that it’s already achieved, the 4am Project needed both financial and business support. Through an initial project investment we’re able to help take Karen and her project to the next stage and a wider audience.

I wrote over on my personal blog:

Along with the support from 4ip and ScreenWM, the outcome and ideas generated at the Crossover Lab course I attended recently and my own plans, it’s going to be a very busy and creative year!

I’ve got stuck in already and my days are whizzing past with uber productivity. This productivity is taking the form of lots of; phone calls, emails, meetings, tweeting, blogging, phone calls & emails. I’m enjoying meeting new people, whether that be online or in person. Connecting with people who love the idea of the 4am Project and want to help support it and people  who have their own projects & dreams that they are working on which creates inspiration.

Last April I made a video (well, three videos actually!) about how the 4am Project started, how I spread the word, the help I received and problems encountered (and overcome!).


On the 4th Arpil 2010 the 4am Project will be celebrating it’s first birthday! Why not try something different, join other photographers from around the globe and take a photograph of your world at 4am! Get your friends involved, go on a 4am photo walk, explore your neighbourhood at an often unseen time!

If you would like to support the project by sponsorship, donating prizes for participants or you would like to contribute an idea, it would be great to hear from you. Drop me a line or get in touch on twitter.

I’ll end with a BIG thank you to 4ip and Screen West Midlands for their support!

Nature at 4am

Photographer Paul J Sumberg, captured two stunning shots at 4am.

This first one entitled Mountain Moon, was taken in Blairsville, North Georgia, USA. He has captured quite a beautiful and haunting scene with the moon peaking through the trees and the clouds highlighted by the light.

Mountain Moon

This second photograph was taken by the Alafia River near Tampa Florida. What a dramatic image! At first glance it looks as though a forest is on fire! I think it captures the feel of danger, excitement and intrigue. Would you step further into the wood….?

4 A.M.

Paul has captured two glorious nature scenes. What will you capture at 4am? Remember to put 4th April in your diary & join in with other photographers around the world!

4am in Miami, USA

There is a whole other world happening at 4am when most of us are still sound asleep.
The 4am Project invites you to step into that world and join other photographers around the globe on the 4th April at 4am.
Discover a unique view of your world. What will you see? Who will you meet?
Challenge yourself to step outside and experience a different type of photo opportunity!
Why not get your friends involved and get together for a photo walk?

By Brian Papa, Miami, Florida, USA


By Brian Papa, Miami, Florida, USA


By Brian Papa, Miami, Florida, USA

Who inhabits the world of 4am? Brian Papa from Miami, USA captured these shots of night workers. The shops are open 24 hours a day. Who are the customers? Other night workers and party goers? Perhaps those that have trouble sleeping through the night? 

Put the date in your diary & tell your friends! You can even embed the 4am project countdown clock on your website or blog :)   


Join the 4am Project on twitter too! Come and say hello.

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