New 4am Date! 21st June – Summer Solstice

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse by Alex Crick

Here we go then! A brand new date for our diaries – 4am on 21st June which also coincides with Summer Solstice!  The light at 4am will have changed. For some of us it will be lighter at that time than in April, and for others it will be darker. AND it’s on a weekend too! Perfect. Thank you John Colby for suggesting the date.
This time round I thought we would go for a theme. I tweeted on twitter and it was a popular idea. So, I need your votes! Which theme shall we go for?
Here are some of the suggestions I’ve received.
Portraits: It could be a self portrait, or of friends/family. It can be inside/outside/where ever you fancy. It can be just your face, or a wider shot of all of you!
Pets/Animals: If you have a pet this will be relatively easy. However if you haven’t got a pet, or you want to be a bit more adventurous it will be a good chance for some nature spotting. Patience is needed for nature photography and with an hour time slot, this could be a good challenge!
4 things in one photo: In keeping with the 4 theme of the project. The aim of this theme is to have 4 similiar items in the picture. It could be people, cars, buildings, stars, lights, trees, signs, whatever you like!
Shadows: Where there is light, there are shadows. Take a look at the light sources you have and see what shadows they cast. The lighting may be from your home, street lighting, car headlight, the moon, tourchlight, candlelight. What interesting shadows can you catch dancing around at 4am?
One Colour: Okay, I’m going to have to pick a colour for this theme and it’s going to be red. The main colour theme in this photo is…you’ve guess it…red! Will there by a brilliant red sky? The trailing lights of a car? Flames (but don’t set fire to anything!)? Traffic lights, buildings, posters, art…..
Industrial Buildings: You might have to venture out of town for this one. Perhaps at 4am factory workers will be arriving for their shift. Maybe the area will be deserted adding extra atmosphere to 4am.
Street signs: This is a worldwide project – let’s see the name of the towns and roads you live in! Capture the signs and the background, even yourself with the signs.
Vote time! You only have one vote from you pc, so please have a think and choose your favourite theme.
The poll is open for votes until midnight on 20th May.

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  1. Ian Dyson says:

    It’s great to have another 4am project to look forward to, and I quite like the street signs idea which I see is taking the vote at present. Looking forward to the summer solstice even though it means that the days will be getting shorter after that!

  2. Mark says:

    Please let it be street signs *hopes* :)

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