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Some 4am Project facts and figures…..

 For those of you that like numbers as well as photos I thought I would compile a few 4am facts and figures for you.

It was 10 weeks from the launch of the 4am Project until the 4th April.  During that time the website recived visits from 97 countries.


 On the 4th April the website reached close to 1200 visitors.

As of today, 1583 4am photos have been submitted from 18 different countries (if my calculations are spot on – I’ve gone through each picture and made a note of the county) I’ve made a little map.


Google search results for “4am Project” brings up 16,000 pages.

Some of the 4am photographers captured some figures too.

Sydney 4AM

By Justin Tabari, Sydney, Australia

4AM - Walsall Bus Station Clock

Walsall Bus Station by Lee Jordan, UK. Lee says "The first thing I saw on the clock was that the hands were starting to line up around the number 4 :) Also note the CCTV? I did get stopped a few times even this early in the morning, put it this way the town is part of something big, not that anyone around at the time would see this as a non-threat?"

By Ian T Edwards, Birmingham, UK. Ian says “I joined Karen and around 30 other photographers in the centre of Birmingham to take photos between 4am and 5am on 4 April 2009.”
By Abrinsky, Birmingham, UK. Abrinksy says "To confirm that we were up and taking pictures - if not actually awake - for the 4am project."
My Grandfather clock showing the time, Kenilworth, UK by Karen Thomas

My Grandfather clock showing the time, Kenilworth, UK by Karen Thomas

{094} Oakland: It Begins

Oakland: It begins by The Inadvertent Gardener "Somehow, I managed to talk five of my friends into getting up, taking pictures between 4 a.m. and 4:59 a.m. this morning as part of the 4AM Project, and then joining me for a not-brunch afterward. As Jen Maiser Tweeted last night: "Laughing. A year ago we didn't even know @egratto. And now she's convinced us that getting up at FOUR AM is a good idea."

Remember, if you are on twitter you can follow the 4am Project @4amproject. See you there! :)


Creatures of the night…

It’s been two weeks since the 4th April! Forgive the lack of blogging – it’s been an unbelievably busy time for the project since the 4th. Things are getting back to normality a bit more now, so let’s pick up on the blog posts again!

It’s been great to see so much envolement and enthusiasm for capturing the magical hour of 4am. Even some animals got in on the act. Where would we be without our specials friends, real or otherwise?!


Guardoggy by Nickey Getgood, Birmingham UK. Nicky says "Guardoggy wasn't home, but he'd left a note on the door."

Bird by Adam Smoot Miami Florida USA
Bird by Adam Smoot Miami Florida USA
Budapest yellow tram&dog-girl 4amproject

Dog & Girl by Abel Tamas, Budapest, Hungary

After The After Party by Photomattmill’s Oklahoma City, USA
Sleepy dogs at 4am, by Friends Of The Stars, Birmingham UK
 Magic Sleeps by Kevin Henson, Brooklyn, NYC, USA. Kevin says “This lil cat had it’s eye’s sewn shut as a baby after living on the street.
Then my friend took her in and I’ve become the official catsitter. It’s 4am in Brooklyn and she’s asleep.” A very sad tale, at least Magic now has a loving home.
 The 4am Stalker by Shona McQuillan, Birmingham UK
More Awake Than Bollo by Catnip, Birmingham, UK
Perhaps we should have an animal at 4am theme sometime! :)

4am Project Hits The Blogsphere…


Cat and the transparent man by Pascal Scheffers, Fokkesteeg, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours (Cascais, Portugal)

My nights are more beautiful than your days, by Pedro Rebelo, Cascais, Portugal

Lots of  ’4am-ers’ having been bloggin about their 4am experiences!

Jen at Life Begins At 30 discovers the magic of 4am with friends.

Citizen Sheep got out of bed for a harebrained idea and enjoyed the biggest breakfast in the world!

Paul Groves feels a tingle down his spine and wonders about early morning ghosts.

Jon Bounds from The Big Paws radio show made a 4am picture with words.

Nicky Getgood has lots of 4am encounters!

Familiar streets take on a different atmosphere for Rachel Creative.

Pete Ashton joins a 4am photo walk in Birmingham.

There was snapping, sneaking, toe stubbing and a distinct lack of snoozing for Graphiquillan

Scott Wyden has a roof top view at 4am in Baltimore.

Fiona Cullian leaves the comfort of her bed at 4am on Englands coastline.

The BBC Radio Four’s  Today Programme took part too!

The bear necessities for 4am by Craig Morton.

Lee Allen ventures out to join other 4am photographers.

4am Project: The Director’s Cut by Nick Miners.

Eightball wore his sunglasses at 4am.

Virtual Photography Studio experienced a cold, snowy morning at Cherry Creak Reservoir

Donato Esposito’s plans didn’t go to…plan. Luckily there was a plan B. And C!

Apartment 718 survived a car chase, cops and found out his life was worth $16!

Dave from Boxer Creative soaks up the 4am atmosphere.

Vivian Empyre felt empowered at 4am and bonded with his camera.

Neil combined his love for food and photography at 4am.

Matt Murtagh has 4am fun.

Adam found Paris busier than he expected.

Phil Grocott  slept in but still made it out in time!

Our youngest 4am-er? I think so! Gaby came out with her family to join a 4am photo walk.

 Apologies if I have missed anyone. If you have blogged about your 4am photo experience, please let me know by tweeting me @4amproject or drop me an email with the link, and I will include it

Thanks again to everyone for taking part! It’s been amazing and inspiring to read your 4am photo blogs.  :)

4am Project 12

4am, by Jennifer Popham, Montery, California, USA

4AM in Redmond, Oregon

4AM by Tina Harris, Redmond, Oregon

An amazing response to the 4am Project

Hi Everyone!

Apologies for lack of posting! I haven’t abandoned you or the 4am project. I have just been overwhelmed with your response to the project and I am busy working away behind the scenes to catch up with everything – checking out your photos, collating information and statistics and making plans for the 4am Project’s future. Please bear with me!

I will be featuring some of your photos taken on 4th April at 4am – there has been over 1300 submissions!

To answer the most frequently asked question: Yes, the 4am Project is continuing. In the next week or two I will be asking for you input and ideas about the project.

Thank you to everybody who took part and who has helped in making the 4am Project a success! It couldn’t have been done without you.

I have a made a 3 part video about the origins of the project and how it all happened, and it’s future if you would like to know a bit more about where the idea began and how it all happened.

Normal blog posting will resume very soon! Thanks again everybody :)

4am on 4th April

Some amazing 4am photographs coming through now from all around the world!

THIS is what the world looks like at 4am!

Keep them coming.

Tag your photos on flickr ’4amproject’, or email them into with your name and location to


The Final Countdown….

The day is almost here….4th April at 4am…!

It’s almost time to take part in building a global picture of the often unseen time of 4am.

Whatever you are doing,  where ever in the world you are, whatever pictures you take, I hope you have lots of photo fun at 4am!

I shall be going out on a 4am photo walk through my home town of Birmingham, UK with some ’4am-ers’.

Keep an eye on the website and blog and look out for all the amazing images of 4am from around the globe. :)

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