Insomnia till 4:04am

Insomnia till 4:04am

By Bluewave, Scotland

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Bluewave, aka Tim, says:
“You know that time of the night…when tick follows tock and your brain just can’t slip off into dreamland.”
I think most of us know that feeling!
Photopool aka George left a comment on the picture along with this poem he penned at 4am.
Reflections on Four In The Morning

silence resounding with echoes,
darkness vibrant with visions once seen,
the clock a crawling reminder
of the times and the places I’ve been.

mistakes re-examined, their causes so clear,
triumphs re-tasted, their joys so dear,
the past is so present, tomorrow so near,
if it weren’t four in the morning, I’d go have a beer.

 There are times when sometimes sleep just won’t happen. Sometimes we lie awake worry about thing (which always seem worse in the middle of the night). At other times our brains won’t switch off. And there are also the times when we have a big exciting day ahead, and we just can’t wait for it to start!
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  1. James Rock says:

    The poem so reminds me of a poignant period I spent living in New York City – I always knew that at 4am there were at least 500 places I could go to escape the 4am loneliness… I miss it so much :-) Wish Birmingham was like that…


  2. Hi James,

    Yes, Birmimgham lacks the choice of places to go at 4am that New York offers! I guess in a city like NY, you need never be alone :)

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