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Natural Power

Natural Power

By Peter Gnas, Milwaukee, USA

If you would like to see more of Peter’s photos, please visit his flickr photostream.
Peter says:
“Photo taken of a storm that woke me up the other morning, since the rain was limited, It was a great opportunity to capture some action of the lightning!

This is a long exposure in the dark, it was about 4am when I took the photo.

I have never really had too much luck with lightning, I was happy with this shot.”

There is only a few more days to go until 4th April at 4am in your part of the world!
Please tell your friends and families, and get them to join in a global picture of the world at 4am.
Don’t forget to set your alarm clocks!
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please get in touch:
I hope the 4am photos on the blog have inspired you and given you some ideas for your 4am photo shoot! :)

Super Hotel Tokyo

Super Hotel Tokyo

By Thomas Birke, Tokyo

If you would like to see more of Thomas’s photos, please visit his flickr photostream.
Thomas says:
“One of the few photos I took at dawn…it was very hard to get up at 4am.

But the gentle light and the hundreds of rooftops to be seen from this 10f fire escape in shimbashi was a fair reward.”

I hope you enjoy your 4am experience! Remember, it’s about fun, trying something different and experiencing a time that we often don’t see. You can take a photo of whatever you like! Don’t think ‘my photo won’t be good enough’ – it will be! People love to see other peoples photos, so whatever you end up photographing will of interest to others.
A few things to remember:
Although I have been featuring photos previously taken at 4am on the blog in the build up to the 4th April, I will only be featuring photos taken ON 4th April at 4am after that date.
If you are uploading your 4am picture(s) to flickr please put your name and location in the title, so people can see straight away who has taken the photo and where it was taken. That would be a great help, thank you! If you aren’t familiar with flickr, this page will give you some hints and tips. REMEMBER to tag your photo ’4amproject’
If you haven’t got a flickr account and don’t want to sign up, you may email your images through and I will put your photos up onto the 4am Project’s flickr account. Send your images to Please remember to include your name and location in the email.
Whether you upload your 4am photos to flickr, or emaill them in, if you have a ‘story’ behind the photo, it would be great to share it! For example: how did it feel being up at 4am? Is it a time of day you normally see? How did you decide what to photograph and why? Where you on your own or with friends/family? You can say as much as you like! However, you don’t have to say anything about the image at all. It’s up to you!
The magical hour to take your photo is 4am in your LOCAL time where ever you are in the world on the 4th April. Images taken between 04:00 and 04:59am will be accepted.
Thank you so much for taking part, and for all your support, it is really appreciated.
I hope you have lots of photo fun at 4am! :)

A Little Pink

A little pink

By Mitch Lahey, Kings Beach, Caloundra, Australia

If you would like to see more of Mitch’s photos, please visit his photostream on flickr.
Mitch says:
“First time doing a sunrise shoot over a beach, so I was on holidays last week and for four days I woke up at 4am to catch the ‘before sunrise, and sunrise’. Before sunrise sometimes you get a pink horizon as in this picture and to create the mist effect with the water I needed to use a long exposure, thus using a polarize filter to get lower light.”
I went out recently on a 4am shoot.  It was a particularly foggy morning which was quite a challenge! If you would like to see the pictures and see a video, please visit my blog.
Not long to go now until 4th April! :)

Alone In The Dark

Alone in the dark... ♫

By Elsa Kawai, London, UK

If you would like to see more of Elsa’s photos, please visit her photostreamon flickr.
Elsa says:
“At 4am 11 June…moment of admiring the moon… at the apartment…my view in my bedroom…”
If you are wondering what photo to take next weekend at 4am, why not try the view from your house, or a self portrait?
Something to remember:If you haven’t got a flickr account and want to submit your 4am photo(s) via flickr, please sign up as soon as possible for a free account. This is because flickr impose a few days delay between new accounts and when photos can feed through to the 4am website. To find out more about using flickr, please visit this page.  
Alternatively, you may email your photos directly to me, and I will upload them to the 4am Project’s flickr account. 4amproject(@)
Please remember to include the town/city and country you are in (preferably in the title of the photo) as well as your name of course! If there is a story behind the picture, it would be great to hear about it.
If you have any questions, please send me an email 4amproject(@), or send me a tweet on twitter
I am organising a 4am photo walk in my hometown (Birmingham, UK), perhaps you could do the same! See if your friends and family would like to join in too.

3 at 4am

4amproject North Leeds, Yorkshire.

By Frank Blakemore, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

If you would like to see more of Frank’s photographs, please visit his flickr photostream.
Frank doesn’t tell us anything about the story behind the photo. Are the 3 tooth brushes all Frank’s or does he share the house with two other people? Why is Frank up at 4am? The small lamp or torch adds to the photos mystique and casts interesting light on the subject.
As you may know, the 4am Project is on twitter. I was curious to know what people were tweeting at 4am. Why were they awake at 4am? What were they doing? I took a screen shot at random….
Killermoo was feeling creative, Researchguy found that getting up at 4am wasn’t as bad as he thought, Softreeds is getting used to the new hours of parenting, and I especially like the last tweet from Majah “It’s a good thing I’m still awake at 4am because who else would look after the internet while everyone is asleep!” Thank you Majah! :)
Do you know what your image will be at 4am on 4th April? There is only 1 week to go! Your photo can be of anything at all. Yourself, your house, your pet, your friends/family. Perhaps you will venture outside and capture your neighbourhood at 4am, or go further still. Just let your imagination go!
You can upload your photos to flickr and tag them ’4amproject’ or email your pictures to me. Visit the ‘how to’ page for more details. If you have any questions, or comments about the project, please feel free to send an email 4amproject (@) or send me a tweet on twitter: I love hearing from you!

The 4am Poster


The 4am Project Poster.

Tell your friends about the 4am Project!

Please print it off  and put it up in your workplace, college, university, anywhere you like!

Interest in the 4am Project is really growing, and it would be great to share the idea with your friends, family and colleagues. Let your community know about it, and share the 4am experience. Perhaps you could even arrange to meet up and go on a 4am photo walk together.

There are only 9 days to go until 4am on 4th April! Just right click and click on ‘save as’ to save the poster to your computer to print off :)

Thank you to Katie from Supercool Design for creating the poster!

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