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Dawn Mass at Dasmarinas Church

Simbang Gabi (Misa De Gallo)

By Storm Crypt, Cavite, Philippines

If you wish to view more of Storm Crypt’s photos, please visit his flickr photostream.

This photo depicts Dawn Mass at Dasmarinas Church, Dasmarinas Town Center, Cavite, Philippines.

One of the reasons I have chosen this photograph is because it was taken with a cell phone, and to show that you don’t need a high end camera, or a camera at all, to take photos. With cell phones, it’s simply point and click, no worrying about settings. If you haven’t got a camera but have a cell phone that takes pictures, you can still get involved in the 4am Project.

Storm says:

“I don’t bring cameras to mass, but I always carry my cellphone — and took this shot shortly before the mass started. I’m getting tired, I did not resize this photo, just uploaded this straight from the phone.

I haven’t seen this church for quite some time now – and at night. I heard mass today on my way to Tagaytay City, and was amazed a bit on how much the church has changed. The people – very much the same for the dawn mass. I think much discipline is needed these days for most teenagers. This is a 4AM mass. Out in the grounds, teenagers gather in groups, saying explicit words, smoking, making noise. I think the catholic church somehow needs to somehow put a stop on this.

But anyway… its just something that perhaps needs to change.”

I must admit to never having heard of mass at 4am before. I wonder if it a regular occurence or just for religious festivals? It seems the mass was spoilt somewhat by rowdy teenagers from what Storm says.  For a mass that starts at 4am, it is very well attended. I wonder how many other 4am pictures where taken that day?!

4am Project On The Radio – Sunday 1st March





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I’ll be talking about the 4am Project with hosts of Sunday Social show, Mark Steadman and Micheal Grimes.

Hope you will join me!  


Karen Strunks, The 4am Project

Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl ~ Gray Morph

Eastern Screech Owl, by Bill Dalton, Allenhurst, New Jersey, USA

To view more of Bill’s photographs, please visit his flickr photostream, or his website.
Bill says:
“The Lenape Indians (Native American) believed that if they dreamt of an Owl it would become their guardian.

I’ve had Screech Owls around my backyard owl box for at least a week. One’s a red morph and this one, a gray morph. I finally got a decent shot of this one by calling him in with an electronic call. This morning at 4am, it landed on my graden cucumber trellis which consists of an old wooden deck umbrella; canvas top removed and turned upside-down!”

What a beautiful creature, with such stunning amber eyes. I love how he is staring straight into the lens, almost confronting Bill and asking “What are you doing on my patch?”
I hope to dream of an owl tonight and have a special guardian.
Remember, in the run up to the 4th April at 4am, you can submit any 4am photos you have already taken. Put them on flickr and tag them 4amproject. Click here to find out more about uploading your photographs to flickr.
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Insomnia By LaLoux, Port Townsend, Washington, USA

Today we have a rather curious and haunting picture by LaLoux. You can view more of her photos on flickr.
When I first looked at this image I thought “What is it?” Then my next thought was “Does it matter?” Why do we have to know exactly what we are looking at. Is it enough that something catches our eye and our imagination?
However, for the curious, LaLoux  has provided an explanation. She says:
“I don’t know. Finally, after dark thoughted sleeplessness for some sleepless hours I got my camera out and aimed at the lightglobes and plant shadows on the wall, illumined by a not so bright moonlight through the west window.

I’m surprised anything at all showed up. Levels raised so it is visible in the blackness.

Yeah. That’s exactly it. 4am. insomnia. That’s one of common visages on such nights.”

I read through to the comments that had been left on flickr about this photo and found a wonderful poem. The poem was posted by al-ICE g / Alice. She says:
“Wow, LaLoux. This is a wonderful picture. I’ve been thinking for a long time about what would work as a picture to go along with a poem my mother wrote with the title (of course) of “4 AM”. This one is perfect. So I think I’ll insert my mother’s poem here, while I wait to find an image of my own.”
4 AM
Thank you LaLoux for the picture and thank you Lilly Grebanier for the poem.

I awake
It is dark
Turn on the radio
Night voices offer
I have no need for

Hungry i step quietly
Down the stairs
Back in bed
I reach for a favorite book
The old Chinese poets

Flowers born a thousand years ago
Bloom and fall again
Ancient moonlight ripples
Anew on flowing streams
A temple gong struck
In distant time in distant place

Darkness pales
I lift the shade
Ailanthus leaves
Drop yellow
In the growing light

(Lilly Grebanier)

4am Pizza

4 A.M. Pizza

By Roman Espiritu, Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

To see more of Roman’s photos please visit his flickr photostream.
Roman says “I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 2:30 am for no good reason and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I read a book for a while and then my stomach started growling…my frozen pizza was no longer frozen at 4 a.m. ”
When you wake up in the wee small hours, what do you do? Do you lie there counting sheep and watching the minutes on the clock tick by? Maybe you put the tv, or like Roman, read a book. Do you raid the fridge and tuck into something tasty? Perhaps you grab your camera and take a picture!

Dancing with myself

Hello Myself, May I Have This Dance?

By Colleen AF Venable, Brooklyn, New York City, USA

You can view more of Colleen’s photos on her flickr photostream.

This is a self portrait of Colleen titled “Hello myself, may I have this dance”. It was taken on a rooftop in Brooklyn, New York City.

What do you see when you look at this picture?

The striking skyline from a very vibrant city? They say New York is a city that never sleeps.

The red polka dot dress stands out. Is it vintage? Did Colleen make it herself?

What about the graffiti? What does it say? Who wrote it?

I see a metaphor. Don’t wait for someone to ask you to dance, when you can dance with yourself.  If there is something you want to do, don’t wait for someone else to suggest it, strike out and do it yourself.

Ask yourself to dance, and say yes!

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